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Niven & Jane/Jean GALT


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Civil Parish: Paisley Abbey
Town: Elderslie
County: Renfrewshire
Address: 17 Elderslie
GALT Niven Head 31 Clath Lapper Paisley, Renfrew
GALT Jane Wife 27 Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
GALT Mary dau 2 Paisley, Renfrew ** middle name Campbell **
GALT William son 3 Mo Paisley, Renfrew

Assisted immigrants arriving in Sydney & Newcastle, 1844-59
GALT Jane 28 and family Anna 1855 2137, 2468
GALT Niven 30 and family Anna 1855 2137, 2468
GALT Mary 6 and family Anna 1855 2137, 2468
Arrived 21 Feb 1855
Niven 30 Gardener Abbey Renfrewshire Thomas & Margt. both dead CofS Read & write None
Jane 28 - Kilmarnock Ayrshire William & Mary Pawley mother living in Glasgow father dead CofS Read & write A brother Wm Pawley in Brisbane
Mary 6 Paisley Niven & Jane on board

Looking for deaths of Niven and Jean/Jane. Did they return to Scotland? Can they be found in 1861 or 1871?


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No sign of a death in Scotland for Nevin.

Perhaps they died in Queensland and there is no death reg in the index.

The other puzzle is that the name is PAULIE/PAWLEY yet the marriage seems to be to a Jean POLLOCK.

29 Mar 1844 Low Church, Paisley, Renfrew
Batch: M119625

Jean Campbell Galt b. 9 Dec 1845 Low Church, Paisley, Renfrew
Niven Galt & Jean Pollock
Batch: C119624

Qld. Death 1926/B50349 Anderson Mary Campbell - Niven Galt - Jean Pauley

The brother who was already in Brisbane. He arrived 1849.

William Paulie b. 31 Mar 1821
baptism/christening date: 7 Oct 1821 Girvan, Ayr
William Paulie & Mary Campbell
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The Moreton Bay Courier - 16 April 1859

"Two prisoners, David Cadwallcr and John
Williams, were brought here for trial, by the
Clarence, on a charge of robbery anil mur-
der at Rockhampton on the 12th of Mnr.'h.
The murdered man's name was Nevin Galt."

The Moreton Bay Courier - 1 June 1859
David Cadwallader and John Williams,
charged with the murder of one Nevin Galt,
at Rockhampton, were called up and re-
manded till the next sittings of the Court."


Thanks Geoff.

I had no idea they were that far north. Married daughter is here in Brisbane:

1908 QLD Electoral Roll - Oxley - Toombul
ANDERSON Mary Campbell, Franz road, domestic duties

1913 & 1919 QLD Electoral Roll - Lilley - Toombul
ANDERSON Mary Campbell, Franz rd., Clayfield, housewife

1925 QLD Electoral Roll - Lilley - Sandgate
ANDERSON Mary Campbell, Franz rd., Clayfield, housewife

I wonder if Jean/Jane remarried. Nothing in the index. Just marriage of daughter:

1870/B02919 Mary Campbell Galt - James Anderson
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Not in the index as GAULT.

It won't let me search g*.

Baptism for brother William but can't find one for Jean/Jane.

Maiden name is PAULUE/PAWLEY not POLLOCK so don't know why that is in marriage and birth record. We can't have 2x Niven.
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We can't have 2x Niven.

Civil Parish: Mid and South Yell
Town: Reafirth
County: Shetland
Address: Gardisting
Occupation: House Servant
ED: 2; Page: 5; Line: 10; Roll: CSSCT1851_2; Year: 1851

Thomas Rait 39
Ann Rait 31
Issabella Rait 12
Angus Rait 10
Ann Rait 9
Mary Rait 7
Margret Rait 5
Jane Rait 3
Robert Rait 1
Niven Galt 37 [b. E Yell, aywick. House servant]

Thanks Geoff.

So we have 2 but the marriage was 1844.

Could be explained if the 1844 marriage was Jane's second.

There should be a Mary Paulie/Pawley/Pauley in 1851 in Glasgow.

William had died by 1855 so if he died before 1851 then she might be under her maiden name Campbell making it almost impossible to find her.
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That does not matter. It would be good to find a second one as long as he married Jane Pollock in 1844.

As long as that marriage can be ruled out. But it seems we can't rule it out.

However the problem is the middle name:

Jean Campbell Galt b. 9 Dec 1845 Low Church, Paisley, Renfrew
Niven Galt & Jean Pollock
Batch: C119624

Jean/Jane Paulie's mother was Mary Campbell.
I have a copy of the 1844 marriage and there is no doubt it is Jean Pollock.

29 March by Rev. John McNaughton, Paisley.

I can't find Mary in Lanark in 1851 assuming born Ayr. Over the 1500 limit if I don't choose pob.

Perhaps she was in Renfrew in 1851. No sign.
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1851 census has Jean born Kilmarnock, Ayrshire so would have expected the marriage to have been in Ayr not Paisley.

So a baptism around 1824.

Lots of baptisms for Galt in Kilmarnock, Ayr, but most with no given name.
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William Pawley
Birth Year: abt 1822
Age: 27
Arrival Date: 9 Jul 1849
Vessel Name: Scotia
Origin Location: Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
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They are no problem.

William Paulie b. 31 Mar 1821
baptism/christening: 7 Oct 1821 Girvan, Ayr
William Paulie & Mary Campbell

William PAULEY & Susan McLEAN
16 Jul 1847 Glasgow, Lanark
Batch: M119675

11 Apr 1870/C0072 Pauley William - - ** born Scotland aged 48 years
10 Jun 1910/B12573 Pauley Susan - McLean - ** born Scotland aged 82 years
Stuck with death for Jean/Jane and with the Pollock name and with Mary in 1851.

Actually, don't have any Paulies in any census. Don't have William in 1841.

No sign of any Paulie/Pawlie/Pawley/Pauley in Scotland in 1841 or 1851. Name is common in Cornwall and Devon.
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