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Norman Elders


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I've just discovered my great grandfather had a brother that may have been born after their father died. I've ordered his birth certificate but just wondering if someone could locate him in 1911?

Unfortunately it would appear after the death of John the family got split up, with the mother in Scarborough, my great grandfather with his paternal aunt and his sister with their grandmother. Just wondering where Norman ended up?

Thank you!

[EDIT] Dave found him :D Norman is with his other maternal aunt near Tadcaster. Cannot imagine what it must have been like for his mother having to live so far away from her children.

I have discovered Harriet (the mother) was a cook in a 18 room house in Scarborough, but just wondering if anyone can read the head of the households occupation? I've got Solicitor (Retired). Clerk to Guardians & saft legistian (retired). Pensioned. But I'm pretty sure saft isn't an actual word :p


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