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nottingham names


Hiya, Just wonderd if anyone can help with any of my FT surnames.?????
My Grandma who lived in the Meadows,NOTTINGHAM, Was HOLMES, until she married, then became BROWN, (Elizabeth) She was born in Derbyshire, in 1900. She was 18 when she had my mother, who she gave up for addoption in 1920. She had been working as a domesic servent somewhere in derbyshire, Elvaston., It would be nice to be able to find any places she may have worked, Anybody know of any places that she may have worked in, maybe the building isn't there now?????
Anyway, My mum was addopted by BERESFORD'S, who lived in Basford where she grew up.
Grandma BROWN, had 2 more daughters, Violet and Doreen, not sure if there was a son though, there may have been?????
Grandma was left in Derbyshire when she was about 5, after her mother died G Grandad left her here (DERBYSHIRE) to go to America, UTAH. Dont know why they left her on her own, we assume she was ill, maybe TB? my mum had that in her 20s.

Other names im looking for are; NEWCOMBE, HOLMES,BROWN, BERESFORD'S


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