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NSW archives and bmd


Im not at all happy with these 2 :mad:

Why do they insist on changing things, different if it worked better but these are worse than ever :rolleyes:

Why cant they just leave things alone!
They are trying to make the NSW Archives as hard to use as TNA. :biggrin: Give them 7 out of 10 for almost making it.

I'm not changing the format of all the NSW BDM entries in my tree to match the new format.

Rookwood Cemeteries have done the same. Changed the format and excluded some vital information such as the Row no. Many records don't even mention the denomination now.
Old format

Independent OG 0001298 LEGGO F 20 Aug 1913

New format does not tell you it's in the Independent Section

F LEGGO 44 - 20/08/1913 Zone A Old Ground 1298
Don't know Ellie.

The RC Trust and site has not changed.

The Anglican and Independent (Methodist, Presby... etc) Trusts were combined into a single Trust for some reason. So the database changed.