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NSW [Australia] bdm


What the hell. NSW bdm have outdone themselves with this one. Fill out the search details and now you have to click on reCAPTCHA to confirm your not a robot. Even if you go back to modify criteria, to change a date etc, you have to re click on the damn thing again.
Im going to email them and tell them what i think of it :rolleyes:

Anyone else who uses that site annoyed with it as well?
Just filled out the online complaint form and noticed at the bottom of it, yep, i have to click on Im not a robot!
So clicked on it then clicked on send and it wouldn't go through, come up saying there was a error :ROFLMAO:
Good luck with that.

The registry has been closed for several years. Now most applications are done on-line or in a Service NSW centre.

The whole thing is stupid. It keeps users on the server longer making the queue longer and therefore slower for other users who join the search

What other similar index in the world has CAPTCHA ?
I noticed the other day that NSW bmd is back to normal, they obviously ditched the silly CAPTCHA thingy and other thing they had where you had to click on all the traffic lights etc in the pictures to prove your not a robot.
Im happy now using that site again :)