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Hi Hurdon. ;D

Sorry, but I don't quite understand what you want to know! Do you want to know how to write an obituary or what to collate from an ancestors obituary?
Hi Hurdon,

It really depends on the program you are using!

Obviously you would have the dates of the death, you may be able to add the funeral date and add the notes from the obituaries on the "notes" section for that person.

You could also 'scan' them in as a picture and attach it to that person also.

I think you also mean "source". Again depending on th e program, you can add a new source to link to this person, and maybe add notes.

Hope this helps,

Hi Hurdon ;D

Sorry, was having a bit of a blonde moment there!! Which is interesting really considering that I'm a natural brunette but redhead by proxy!!
I have the legacy 6 program and it says to site the source I was very confused as to how to cite it. the Obit I mean do we put down the date and newspaper? My Aunt cliped them from the newspaper but neglected to put where she got them from. How can I find out which paper they are from to cite the correct source? Hurdon