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occupations - fender works


New member
hello everyone

I have a marriage certificate for two of my relatives where the lady is employed at the local Fender Works (in dudley).

I'm not entirely sure what her occupation is though. It looks suspiciously like "curb coverer" but this makes no sense to me.

I've found out that a curb is a sort of fire iron so this sort of makes sense for somebody working at a fender works.

Does anybody have any idea whether curb coverer is an actual occupation and what it involved. If not do you have any suggestions of what the words might actually say.



Valued Member
I seem to remember as a child in the days of coal fires the edging round the hearth was known as a fender but it was also sometimes called a curb. I think curb was used when it was just plain, just square with no fancy bits. I do seem to remember that we had one that was made of wood wrapped in a thin sheet of gold coloured metal (brass ?) which was held in place with little brass nails. Would this have been made by a curb coverer ?? possibly. You could try asking the Black Country Museum, they should know about Dudley industries.

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