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Depending on what department the were in depended on what they could be doing but below in a list of differnet job a seaman could be doing, hope this helps.:rolleyes: Joyce

Leading Seaman (deck department)
Deck Storekeeper
Deck Winchman
Seaman Cable Jointer (cable ship)
Cable Engine Driver (cable ship) Greaser

Leading Seaman (engine room department)
Leading Fireman or Stoker
Assistant Engineroom Storekeeper Second Cook (and Baker)

Leading Seaman (catering department)
Catering Storekeeper
Leading Steward
Second Writer

Able Seaman (deck department)
Able Seaman
Ordinary Seaman
Seaman Cable Hand (cable ship)

Able Seaman (Engine Room Department)
Fireman or Stoker
Cleaner and Wiper

Able Seaman (Catering Department)
Assistant Catering Storekeeper
Second Baker
Assistant Baker
Assistant Butcher
Assistant Cook
Assistant Pantryman
Assistant Steward
Boy Steward
Hi Ivor,

I think it would refer to Merchant Navy though its another word for sailor and
mariners are known as seaman. The National Archives at Kew have some Merchant Navy records on line, downloads cost £3.50 each.

They say that all the nice girls love a sailor Joyce but wow, did you take it to heart lol. , seriously though, im sure that your efforts are appreciated
best wishes
Pat xxx

I would go for Merchant Navy really is he was a seaman. He probably was in charge of cargo ships and freight ships as opposed to battleships and warships in which case he'd have been in the Royal Navy.

Thank you all very much for your help, The birth certificate simply says that my gg grandad was a seaman, allthough i have come across a relative whos occupation was a mariner according to 1841 census as it happens i have found out today that gg grandad was royal navy & not merchant.
Thanks Ivor.
Hi Ivor

That is interesting that you have found out it was the Royal,

What info did you find out about him being in the Royal Navy then?

Hi Benny
info came from admiralty records found in greenwich naval school some of which are online at A2A national archives on line. For a small fee you can download the images if your lucky enough to find an ancestor. I have now got a full copy of my gg grandfathers naval history. It also gives date and place of birth, description i.e height,color of eyes and hair and complexion, plus a list of dates and ships served on rank and conduct.
My gg grandfathers last ship was HMS Victory 1889/1892 from 1892 to 1894 he is listed as shore patrol which would explain how he came to settle here in Portsmouth.
I personly found the A2A site confusing to navigate untill i got used to it and even now i still get lost in there.
Thanks Ivor
Hi Ivor

That is another piece of the jigsaw put together. A2A is a very handy site. Naval and other forces records are very informative.