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Odd Christmas


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Happy belated Christmas to everyone.
Had a bit of a strange one this year, it began with my husband and a chest infection as he started to get better I got the outside lights out and our new Christmas tree out. Next I got the flu despite having a flu vaccination so the decorations would have to wait. My mother started to become ill and she too had the flu except she became really unwell and had to be hospitalised just as I was starting to feel better, She was in for four days with oxygen and antibiotics.

She was able to come home on the 20th although we waited all day for her medication and letter for her doctor. At this point the decorations were the least of my worries and luckily the tree came with lights on. Fortunately I had booked for us to have Christmas and boxing day lunch out so didn't have to worry about cooking.

We had one of the strangest but also happiest Christmas' ever, Just so thankful to the hospital for making my mother well enough to enjoy it.

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