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Off to yet another Archive

I'm off to the Borthwick Archive today at York to look for records of Prebendary Blythes Basically several of the Blythes were given livings from several parishes without ever doing any work there and probably never set foot in the parish.

Kings and important members of government did not pay their clerks wages, they awarded them several parishes, the prebendary then appointed a clergyman to look after the parish (probably at very low rate of pay but with a house). The higher up the clerk the more parishes he collected from. The clerk was even ordained.

Robert Blythe although he was ordained and the Abbot of Thorney Abbey was made Bishop of Down and Connor and never saw Ireland.

Of course under this system you could have some pretty awful clergy. I read there was one who was complained against who besides being illiterate, was running the local pub and appeared to be sleeping with several women of the parish.

Anyway I'm off to look at this new super-dooper archive. There were 3 other archives I wanted to visit but looks like thats my lot for the summer holidays as schools back next week. Have to wait till half term for the out of town ones.
Sorry spotted error after posting. Should have said the clerk wasn't even ordained. He was a member of the laiety with a university degree in law usually.
What a day yesterday. Went to York, had very nice lunch. Picked up son who had been delivering chair to friend, time was getting on but thought I would be able to have quick look at Borthwick Archives in York University. It was horrendous. No signposting to archive. Found information desk given map to nearest car park but there was boarding everywhere and scaffolding. No direction signs as to which building was Borthwick. Husband got out and looked around and worked out which building it was but couldn't work out how to access pathway to Archive. No signs again. The carpark there is quite small and the only visitors that can park there are blue badge holders as the rest are for registered permit holders so they are not exactly making visitors welcome. We just decided to go home. Maybe it will be better when scafolding has come down but by then the students will be back and there will be even less chance of parking. This has been my worst archive experience and I have visited 7 archives in my searches. And then I come home and the site is off.
We're hoping to raise fund to do a historical survey of the house, sort of mini Time Team so we should find some interesting things there but most of the historical evidence is on paper so I think my next step after seeing the museums archive is to visit the Cutlers Archive because a descendant claims Blythes were influential there in getting admission for the scythemakers into the guild. I want to look into their involvement in the Civil War so am doing some reading up about the war regarding the local battles near Chesterfield, the siege of Sheffield and the battle near Wortley to see if I can find Blythe involvement there. I know of Captain William Blythe of Norton Lees but what about the rest of the family?