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Offers of help

Re: Offers of help on my Hinde family tree please

Please can you help -Hinde 1911 Manchester & Prestwich
Hello Everyone,
I hope that you can help me.

I would like to try to fill in the missing links on my HINDE Manchester ancestry.
HINDE was not a very common name in Manchester in 1901.
Could some kind soul please advise me the Household details of HINDE families in Manchester and Prestwich North Manchester.including Harpurhey and Gorton please.

All help greatly appreciated.
Thank You

I have just joined the FH Community
Hi Jolson

welcome to the Forum.

As you are a new member, you may not be aware that the 1911 Census is a pay per view site, and therefore other members are not allowed to do look ups for other people, especially the site that stipulate in their conditions that you agree to when you sign up, otherwise they could be banned from that site.

You never know who might just have information on your family.

I have found my lost cousin here alanrvc ,
he was last login in jan 2009.
can someone passon my email to him

He and I have the same fate , both seeking our family connections.
he 39 and i at 42 years
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I have found my lost cousin here alanrvc ,
he was last login in jan 2009.
can someone passon my email to him

He and I have the same fate , both seeking our family connections.
he 39 and i at 42 years

Hi Michael
If you look on your other post, you will see I sent him a Private Message informing him of your post. As you have now made over 3 posts, you too could send him a private message now. This will be put into his email box, so hopefully when he checks it he should see my and, if you send one, your message.

Hello I have a Clara Collingwood as my late Grandfathers Mother, I have looked on the free BMD and for the marriage. She was born c1862/1869.
On some census the difference of age between her and Joseph Stanley varies.
I have no idea which Clara she is. She had her first child in 1899 Cambridge, plus three others. That is all I know of Clara Collingwood. One thing I forgot is she say's on census that she is from Wakefield?
Hello Dave,
It could be Clara Collenwood, On the birth certs for the first children
William F Stanley 1899 Cambridge
Joseph John " 1892 "
Clara " 1894 It is definetly Collingwood or Collenwood Joseph Stanley registered them himself.
Thomas " 1897 Was registered by his mother Clara who registered him in the name of John Stanley and Clara Stanley formerley Thompson.
The lady in the archives at Cambridge said they are the same parents?
A further child was born in Gloucestershire registered by her Father .
Joseph Stanley used his second name on Census sometimes.
p.s my apologies for not using proper forum
Hello, I would like some help. I have a Agnes Hickey birth 1853 June at Reading Berks. She married John Langley [ also from Berkshire ] at Hendon Middlesex Dec 1874.
That is all I know of her .
Name: John Langley
Age: 36
Estimated birth year: abt 1845
Relation: Head
Spouse's name: Agnes Langley
Gender: Male
Where born: Maidenhead, Buckinghamshire, England

Civil Parish: Ealing
County/Island: Middlesex

Street address: Back Lane 10 Golden Sq
Occupation: Labourer

Registration district: Brentford
Sub-registration district: Brentford

John Langley 36 Maidenhead, Labourer
Agnes Langley 28 Reading
John Langley 9 Feltham
Thomas Langley 4 Feltham
Edward Langley 2 Slough

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Hi - Ithink this is Agnes in 1861

Name: Agnes Hickey
Age: 7
Estimated birth year: abt 1854
Relation: Daughter
Father's name: John Hickey
Mother's name: Mary Hickey
Where born: Reading, Berkshire, England
Civil Parish: Reading St Giles

John Hickey 44 Ireland
Mary Hickey 42 Ireland
Bridget Hickey 20
Jeremiah Hickey 18 Reading
Mary Hickey 15 ''
Ellen Hickey 13 ''
Elizabeth Hickey 11 ''
William Hickey 9 ''
Agnes Hickey 7 ''
James Hickey 5 ''
Cecily Hickey 4 ''
Thomas Hickey 10 MO ''

Name: Thomas Hickey
Age: 10
Estimated birth year: abt 1861
Relation: Son
Father's name: John Hickey
Mother's name: Mary Hickey
Where born: Oxfordshire, England

Civil Parish: West Derby
Ecclesiastical parish: St Clement
Town: Liverpool
County/Island: Lancashire
Country: England

John Hickey 50 Ireland Tinplate man
Mary Hickey 48 Somerset
Jeremiah Hickey 27 Berks Iron foundry worker
Mary Hickey 30 Oxfordshire Dau in Law
Mary Hickey 25 Dau
James Hickey 15 Berks Tinplate worker
Thomas Hickey 10 Oxford
Louisa Hickey 1 Berks G.Dau

Name: Agnes Hickey
Age: 18
Estimated birth year: abt 1853
Relation: Cousin
Gender: Female
Where born: Liverpool

Civil Parish: Bray
Ecclesiastical parish: Oxford
Town: Holyport
County/Island: Berkshire
Country: England
Registration district: Cookham
Sub-registration district: Bray

George Bye 37 Berks
Mary Ann Bye 35
William Bye 13
Elizabeth M Bye 8
George Bye 7
Alfred R Bye 5
John Bye 2
Agnes Hickey 18 Liverpool?? laundress

Living in Bray. She is down as born Liverpool, I think this is wrong. It is interesting that her family were living in Liverpool at the time of the census.
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:) Hello Dave, Webmaster.
Only started on the site the other day, but brilliant!:) :).Can't say I'm an expert cos I'm not, but willing to help.I am from and research Prescot area in Merseyside, so if people have names in that area, I might be able to help.I also have births and marriages for McEwans in Perthshire county in Scotland, so same again there.:) Lastly I picked up a number of discs from family history mags showing Railway ancestors, Cumbrian ancestors 1929,Lanark in Scotland 1851,Ramsgate,Kent 1871 census.So any of those I will look up to see if listed. Apart from that I'm a random searcher so I often pick up bits which are nothing to do with my family>:D but can't resist it.So if you have rellies in the Prescot area, I might just have them.:D
Love this site:biggrin: kerrymac
Sounds like you might be able to help me sometimes. I have relatives that came from Kirkby and Prescot areas, and also have Cumbrian ancestors who worked on the Railway. My husband had one who was a stationmaster near Penrith. I think his family actually married my family there.
As for me offering help. I always try to.

I have quite a lot of knowledge about Sheffield Barnsley Doncaster and North Derbyshire. I know a bit about Leeds but not to the same extent.

I have also been studying a family from the 13th century onwards so know a bit about where to look when there are no parish records or Birth marriage death registration documents to look up.

I know a fair bit about Cumbria and have links to my brothers vast data banks for Matterdale and Patterdale especially.

Eh ; from On Canada , I have been doing Dodman genealogy for a few years now. While doing most of my searches with free sites on - line , I have taken myself back to 1697. This is as far back as I have gotten with my ancestors as being confirmed.
But there's more to my story. I have learned my pre - druid Dodman , ancestors were surveyors & map makers , for roads & , the british coast lines.
At Dodman's Point these ancestors of mine actually surveyed this area & did the foundation plans for a castle that stood there at one time. You can only walk to Dodman's Point by land , but the foundation for the castle is still there. Plus a cross has been erected here for rememberance of all those whom have lost their lives in these dangerous waters.
I have found more info about my ancestors , by paying not one red cent , through free sites over the internet. So for beginners , whom are interested in their past , try my system. The more free sites used , I have found is the best way to confirm , what you may be searching for!!!!!!!!

Scratch And Patch
I love helping in research
I am not an expert but a very experienced keen amateur .
I have quite a lot of reference material which I have collected over the years.

I really do enjoy solving the puzzles