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Old fashioned stew


Thanks, but no thanks :ROFLMAO:

Perpetual stew is a stew containing whatever is on hand and added to as needed. Constantly kept above the "danger zone" it can be in the same pot for years if always above 140f, creating a perpetual cycle of adding and removing from it. It was often a staple of medieval inn meals.


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The kids love my stews so we only get one feed out of it and they come and take what's left home :giggle:
Got to have dumplings with stew to, no good without the dumplings :LOL:

I must ask Steve, you add the curry in with the chillie chicken? :unsure:
Errr, yes. Got bored with the flavour, and the sight and taste of chicken stew.:ROFLMAO:

I love stew though, but not day after day. Dumplings added, then put in the oven, to give a slightly crispy crust on the top of the dumplings.(y)
Add chillie to your curry? oh yuk :ROFLMAO: Left over stew is also good for making pies, gravy and serve of chips on the side :giggle: I use bought frozen puff pastry because im to lazy to make it myself :oops: