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Old fashioned telephones


It would appear that phones with a cord from the handset to the phone are a thing of the past.
My daughters phone is on the blink so i lent her a old phone that has a cord.

Grandson - :eek:What is that?:confused:
Mother - Its a phone:rolleyes:
Grandson - :eek: Whats it sound like when it rings?:confused:
Mother - Just like any other phone:rolleyes:
Grandson - Oh:biggrin:

He has a sense of humor so still trying to work out if he was having a go at us or not:confused:
Strange thing Gibbo. I have heard ring tones on loads of mobiles, that resemble the tone on those really old bakerlite phones.

I bought a house that had one of those old phones already connected, and the telecoms company wanted me to change it.:mad:

Oh no......we kept that little beauty.;):)
The old phones were lethal if you were doing the ironing when it rang.

I still have the scars on my ears to prove this theory:biggrin:
Lee doing ironing.:rolleyes:....yeah, yeah, yeah.:2fun::2fun:

I will have you know Mr Risboy my Y fronts always are perfectly pressed thankyou.:cool:
The wife wont do them as she always reckons she is under threat of infection.

I keep telling her they need washing first:eek::biggrin:
Take no notice of Gibbo Lee, she's a trouble maker.:2fun::2fun:

Y fronts.:eek::eek:.........I used to have many a strangulation with those.:eek::2fun::2fun:

S.T.D = Subscibers Trunk Dialling.
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