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old photo


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swindon wilts
I love that picture,it has an almost oil painting look to it.

It is a photo that would/could inspire me to write a story or poem.........will get on the case.

Innocence of the young child and it looks like they don't have a care in the world....it is a look children worldwide should have.

Could it be Ramsgate i wonder.


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swindon wilts
It was smiles all round,
On that lovely sunny day,
Not a care in the world,
As the girls enjoyed there play.

The sea looks calm,
The scene looks so serene
One girl stood stood up straight,
The other with a lean.

Two sisters joined together,
Or just friends out for a while,
Did daddy take the photo,
While mother gave a smile.

A moment caught in time,
A memory know long gone,
Tea and cake for for tea,
While grandma hummed a song.

Were they friends forever,
Did life deal a friendly hand,
Was there lots of hardship,
Or was there life just grand.

Will we ever know,
Just what did life behold,
Two pasts lives long gone,
And there story never told.

Regards to all.............................Lee.
Hi Dave lovely photo could you imagine asking the children of today to wear one of those bathing suites Lol i know what my 12 year old would say !
Quick question while im here ive been sent over 20 old pics by my first cousin from what looks like 1900s and from we think lincolnshire maybe gainsborough in the hope that my side would recognise someone but no joy, do you know if there are any sites that i could put them on in the hope that someone may know the people in them or even the area they were taken.
Regards Richard
Leeds, born Hull
Hi Richard. I'm sorry I don't know of one.
I don't know if it would work on this site. I recently put some of my photos into an album. This album shows on my user page, but I think it may also show on the main site. If you click on the heading 'community' on the blue task bar, then click on Photos and albums. If you copy the photos into an album with a heading telling what you are looking for, it may work.

You could also try to Google. I have seen sites on there where you are able to upload photos.

Also if there are a couple with distinctive buildings or something on them, you could post them on here. I can talk you through doing this if you are not familiar. (You get the reply page up then click on the paper clip above the pane.)


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