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Old software


New member
Newton Abbot
Hi everyone, I have to say, your website looks very welcoming. I am a novice genealogist but I started roughly creating my family tree some years ago. I bought a programme - Family Origins v4.1a (came out around 1996, Parsons Technology) and still have the data on a pc laptop. The programme does work fine. However, I've just now moved to a new Macbook laptop and I want to transfer my data onto it, and into a suitable programme. FO can produce a GEDCOM file for export. (I don't feel as knowledgeable as it sounds, having written that last sentence!)

Looking on the internet indicates that I might have problems transferring data from such old software to a new Mac programme. Does anyone have any guidance for me? I'm also overwhelmed by the choice (and contradictory reviews) of new programmes. I'm probably never going to take this beyond searching out more recent generations - so I'm looking for something a bear with little brain can handle (also prefer to consider lower priced software or even freeware.)

The only other criterion at the moment is that I would like a programme that can handle complex connections. Eg - show my stepson from my first marriage (first wife had son from an earlier relationship) as still being within my family group (which is a fact in actual life, although not blood-related). Now I've got a headache!

Any thoughts will be truly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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