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Oldethen Barham

cannot find a death entry for this ancestor or a birth entry come to that.....he married in April 1856 to a lady called Sarah Elizabeth Brook.
There are many spellings of his christian name through the census years and finally in 1901 he is listed as Joseph Barham. According to census sheets, he was born around 1842 - 45, each census sheet gives a different estimated YOB.
Hi Athenalou,

You may have this but here goes.

1851 as follows:-

Civil parish Brightlingsea
Spring Road

Mary Ann Bareham wife age 42 wife of mariner born St ------
Rosina dau age 11 born Brightlingsea
Olgerthan son age 9 occ errand boy born Brightlingsea
Thomas son age 6 born Brightlingsea
Frederick son age 5 born Brightlingsea
John son age 3 born Brightlingsea
May be his birth

James Alderman Bareham

Year 1841
Jul/Aug/Sept 1/4
District Lexden
County Essex
Vol 12
Page 131

The image wasnt available to view so couldnt check the vol and page no.
Hiya Julie
found this email waiting for me when i got home from my sisters tonight, thought i'd share it with you, I am really excited, cant sleep, hoping and praying it dont fall flat, but then again, with a name like Olderthen it loox a pretty remote chance of that. Found this through that fox website i said about and you said you use it for maps and stuff....i wish my mum was still here, as Olderthen is her gg grandfather ..... she sadly died 10 months ago ...... if it worx out right ..... it means me and my sis have something close to proper family ....... :D

Hi: Just a quick e-mail (I am off to dentist shortly) to let you know we have a match!! Olderthen, Oldthen etc etc is my great-grandfather on my Dad's side. According to census returns I always thought that Mary Ann was his mother married to William Barham fisherman. You said that Elmira Barham was mother of groom, that really has me mystified. I will get back to you in the next day or so with as many details as I can come up with to try and solve this mystery. Great to hear from you and we'll talk later.

Sid W.
Ontario, Canada formerly from England.