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Olympic Games 2012.


Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Did you have any relatives, old and not so old, who took part in the Olympics of the past.
Any capacity, from groundsman/women to sportsmen/women. From hot dog stalls, to officials.
I know the Olympics are not everyone's cup of tea, but it would be fascinating to hear any stories of those who took part within the Olympic games.

Yes Steve,i had a realative named Ima Badun who was allowed day release from Dartmoor to enter the Triple Jump in 1908.

The headlines next day made interesting reading.........Hop- Skip and where the bleeding hell did he jump to:)

Never ever saw again apparently.
Steve, being a man of higher intelligence than me, I suppose you can tell us who won the Gold Medal when rugby was an Olympic sport?:2fun::2fun:
I know the Australians won the competition in 1908. Wasn't much of a competition though. France originally applied so organisers looked for team to play them. Found Australians were touring and asked them, meanwhile France cried off because couldn't get enough players together. So they tried the English team but they were away doing a tour of Australia and New Zealand. In the End they got the Cornish Team to represent England. Cornwall had already played the Australian visitors and had been soundly beaten and the same thing happened again at the Olympics. I suppose they got silver medals though as they were technically medalists even if there was only 2 teams.