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On holiday

new england
HI well one more year of my history degree done and three months off who to go looking for now.:biggrin: Think its time to get James Hopkinson marriage cert and see were it takes me .

Glen. :2fun:
Hey Glen

How you going with your James Hopkinson? Getting any further with him?

Hi Gibbo we have been busy doing the Christmas thing so will send off for some certificates and go from there probably next week. So not likely to see anything from BDM till after Xmas now.

Just got my offical results for the 4 subject I did this year at uni past every thing. I am so pleased not bad for a boy with no education this has been a great year just had to share.

Glen :biggrin::biggrin::2fun::2fun:
Hello Happy Glen

Well done! :biggrin:

Thanks gibbo it makes all the work worth while and a boost to get started for next year. I'm doing colliding worlds ( first contact with native people) and Local and community History with 2 compulsory history subjects. On a high at the moment.