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O'neills Kildare


Hi everyone
I am a new member and this is my first post.:)
My maternal grandfather William O'neill was born in Kildare C.1892.
I would love to find out as much as I can about his family but it is very difficult.
According to his marriage certificate, his father was called Matthew and he was a 'cow doctor' (Could that mean he was a farmer?)
i remember my mother telling me that grandad had 2 or 3 brothers. i think that one may have been called Matthew and another called John. john came over to the uk but i am not sure if William and he came together or separate.
My mother says he 'came over on the colours' or something like that, which has something to do with horse racing.
My auntie told me that the family are buried in Old kilcullen graveyard.
please can anyone help me. i would be very grateful as i am not getting anywhere.:kissu:
Hi Jo-07,

Just some thoughts.

'Cow doctor' - a vet, possibly unqualified?

'Come over on the colours' - joined the army, or 'colours' is the name of a ship/ferry.

My interest was triggered by the name O'Neil, my grandmother's name.