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Origins of 'Sweet F.A.'...... Did you know this.?

In all guises of the meaning, it's disrespectful and extremely sad that this poor little girl was sadly remembered in such way.
I suppose there are many more instances of similar terms used in such a way.
It was only an off the cuff remark in a American movie that her name was mentioned and her year of death.
So I thought I'd see if there was any truth to it, although I didn't think it was true but their it was in black and white in Wikipedia.

Thanks Steve, a insight into history that has carried on through to today with that saying. If i hear anyone saying that from now on they will get a history lesson.
It did get me thinking tho for some sicko to go to that extreme to do what he did maybe this poor girl wasn't the first :cry:
Could you imagine if some one looking into their family history, and discovering this. I would be so upset, but you cannot choose where your family history, and where it takes you.