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Ottawa place

I already placed a message in the German forum.ahnenforschung.net a year ago and only recently got 2 replies. It's all in German so I could manage with what i was taught 40 years ago and some Google Translante.

Now like I said in another post is that Reeder became Reeders in the 1901 UK census. In Germany I got several names. Reeders, Reders, Rheders, Redert, Rederus, Redern which might all be the same family. There are references going back to 1200.

I mainly look for Reeders and Reders in Germany. I only have a good link that Lodewijk Reeders (1776-1847) x Catharina Nimweegen (1771-1825) both came from Orsoy, Germany, before going to live in Amsterdam, had a brother living in Orsoy Gwerhard Reeders (1772) x Cathrina Hiffgens (1776). Their parents might have been Hinrich Reeders (1750?) x Anna Braamen from Holstein, their grandparents Johann Reeders (1715-1758) x Metta Hartz (1709) and their grand-grandparents Johann Reeders (1684) from Neuendeich x Anna (1688-1750).

In addition to this Gerhard had several kids: Margareth Elisabetta (1799-1831) x Johan Wilhelm A. Knipscheer, Frederic Guillaume, Gerdrutha (1810), Bernard (1816), Elisabeth Gertrud (1805) and Peter Gerhard (1820).

So, the links to the parents and above are mainly speculation looking at the years. If anyone is related to them let me know. Also I'm interested if anyone moved from Germany to other countries and visa versa.