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Ouch, my body !


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The skin on my feet has hardened,
my ankles have swelled before.
My legs are going bandy,
and my knee's are really sore.

My back is painful and aching,
my ribs always hurt when I laugh,
My neck clicks like a ratchet,
when i climb into the bath.

My shoulders were straight at one time,
and now they slope like a hill.
I take all the tablets Doc gave me,
but I know that I'm over the hill.

The only thing that sustains me,
when I reach the top of the peak.
Is that when I go over and down the side,
I'll be moving much faster, at speed.

So when I finally come to a stop,
and planted in the ground.
On my grave I will have this something engraved,
"He travelled faster than sound".

I still have a long way to travel,
but I know that I'm doing my best.
If that's not enough, then I don't give a stuff,
Coz I love laughing which fills me with zest.

So if someone's taking the mickey,
of your age or your doddery state.
Just smile at the blithering idiot,
and say, "I've been here longer than you mate".

So with a spring in my step though I'm aching,
I'll laugh whenever I can,
coz it's laughter thats keepin me younger,
Not pills that come in a can.

So smile and laugh very LOUDLY
more often than not if you can.
It will do you good, more than a walk in the wood,
whether a child or old women or man.


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