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Outer areas of towns and cities over 100 years ago.


Staff member
What I have noticed in years gone by is the outer areas of cities tended to be more scattered than today, today every part of a city suburbs is filled in, in the olden days it seemed to be a combination of brick fields, a few factories and terraced houses here and there and only when you went further in was it more built up.

For instance my 4xgreat gran lived down Grange Road in Bermondsey in 1841 and 1851. She died in 1858. She lived in a row of houses which actually overlooked a field to the south and the streets to the north just had terraces here and there with brick fields, market gardens or wasteground inbetween. The area was not densely built up until about 1870. She was born in East Lane in 1777 which again was in an area only sparsely built up near the docks.

And my 3xgreat grandfather lived in a Brighton street in 1861 which actually was in the parish of Brighton but not so much the town as the street was a new street with just 2 or 3 houses down it, it was West Hill Street. It was still bordered to the west by fields and was only sparsely built up.

See the map of Brighton in 1860 for a better picture. http://the-genealogy.wikia.com/wiki...le=West_hill_st_and_viadyct_terrace_1860s.png

It is from my genealogy wiki which is a biography of my ancestors. The red dot shows where he lived in 1861 and the blue dot his 1863 residence.