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Owen Kelly 10th foot


I am hoping someone will be able to help, I am looking for details on Owen Kelly born Ireland around 1840. He was in the 10th foot [later became the Lincolnshire regt] he was discharged from the army sometime after 1882 -1890, he settled in Lincoln became a gen labourer & died 1897. He married an Ann Mcguire [also from Ireland] she died 1919. I have details on one Owen Kelly service no 208, he seems to nearly fit the bill, apart from his wife was apparently a Catherine! he came from Co Cavan, the other place in Ireland could be Co Waterfored. I wonder if there could be another Owen Kelly who served around that time?. Any help very much appreciated.
Hi.. I'm not sure what I found now. The 208 chap was discharged in Lincoln in 1882. He said he was intending to reside in Cavan. But maybe he stayed in Lincoln. There is no mention of a wife. There is another Owen Kelly of the 10th foot. But he is collecting his pension in Clones, Ireland in 1882 /83.
Many thanks for replying. It has been a long time. Apparently Mary Kelly was born in Ireland - but it is such a common name. No County was ever mentioned. Some people think she was born in Co Waterford but I have checked the sources they mention - not too many. and none give the right parents. Why Waterford anyway ? There is no familial connection there. I have checked births for Co Cavan and nothing suitable. He was back in Lincoln, Lincolnshire for good by 1885. I know one of the son's went to live in Bury, Manchester - John Wm. I thought maybe Mary Kelly was born in Ireland & Baptised in England - but that didn't seem to work out too well. They were Catholic so I am assuming she was baptised somewhere, and also Birth registered somewhere. :confused::)