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New member

My name is Paul and I am an amatuer genealogist. The tracing of my family tree is complete so I am working on a family friends line.

Thier name is Twitty, the exact relative I am having issue with is George William Twitty B. Apr 1877. The reason I am having trouble is because when he was in England, he went by the name of Pargeter. The family only has speculation why his name would have been different but the general consensus is they stayed with a family named Pargeter and adopted their name. George William, his wife Rose Lillian B. about 1893 and the children all went by the Pargerter name, even when they immigrated. They changed it later while in the US back to Twitty.

I am hoping to find someone who might be able to find out why thier names were switched. I believe I have found George Williams father, William S. Twitty and mother Grace Dobinson. William was born in Utica NY. Sometime in his youth, George was sent to England to live and I believe go to school. He met Rose Lillian there. I do not know her maiden name.

Any help would be appreciated. They all seem to come from the Battersea area.