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Robin Hood County
on the familysearch site for a William Cullen issued 19th July 1922. On the 2nd image it has the marriage date of March 1917. I cant make out the word next to it. Williams dob is 3 June 1866 Ireland, wife Lucy.

Thanks :)

I’m using an ipad and not quite got the hang of links. This might be better. Lucy Cullen birth 1873 France put united states in the country box. Should come up with the 3rd one down. The marriage date is down the side of the page with Williams picture on it. Sorry to be a pain :).
I think I've found the page. I presume you are referring to the comments in the column headed 'If Naturalized give name and location of Court etc'

William Cullen.... Supreme Court of New York Aug. 15th 1900

Lucy Cullen........By marriage, Febr, 1900 Court of New York

Is that what you are after? William is the third entry down on the page but I don't see a picture of him.

Ok now found the right page but, after all that, I can't work out what it says either. Could be Dusborough or Jusborough. Are you sure March 15th 1917 is the right date?

Hi Emeltee,

I’m not sure of the date. I’ve looked for a marriage between 1900-1917.
All I really want to know if he was a widower and if his father was called Thomas.
That dosen’t look like it at the moment.

Thanks :)