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Patricia Elizabeth Tarrant - Wallace Russell.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Patricia Elizabeth Tarrant was born 22 Dec 1922 In Wimbledon, Surrey.

Father - Arthur John Maynard Tarrant
Mother - Berrha Francis Kelly.

She married Wallace Russell 4 Sept 1943 @ East Horsley, Surrey. His age is given as 22, and of Arbinger Surrey. Father is Charles Russell(Timber Merchant)

William Russell's occupation is given a Gunner in the 1st Can. Medium Regt.

Not sure if Can = Canada.

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Unable to find anything after the marriage, and not found Wallace Russell in CWGC.

Any help please.....deaths, remarriages, kiddies or emigration for Patricia & Wallace. (I don't ask a lot, do I. :rolleyes: )

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Pretty sure Wallace Russell was in the 1st Medium Regiment RCA, after having a search. But still not finding much else.

So maybe he was of Canadian birth.:confused:

There was a witness at the marriage, James H. Russell. Maybe a brother.?

:eek: They just disappeared Steve.

And most of the online records finish around or not much before the year they married.

Is this her father's death?

Name: Arthur John M Tarrant
Birth: date
Death: dd mm 1986 - city, Hampshire, England

If so i wonder if a death notice can be found for him, might have info on the family.
I think Steve is right about 1st Medium Regiment RCA.

If you Google '1st cambridge medium regiment' you get Canadian.

If you Google 'medium regiments' you get Canadian and Australian.
I am the granddaughter of Patricia and Wallace Russell. To answer a couple of your questions they moved to Canada after the war and had four children. Wallace died in 2000 and Patricia died in 2013. If you are still interested in finding answers about their lives let me know.
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Hi Emily.

As you can tell, this thread is 4 years old, almost, and I have gained a few bits of information since.
But as they say.....'You can never have too much'.:)

These individuals are part of a tree I did for a friend who lives in Ireland. Patricia Elizabeth Tarrant would be a first cousin.

Her sister, Moya June Tarrant married a Richard Henry Mills, and my friend has since met their descendants in England.

Please do not post any information of living relatives on here, so could you please PM (Private Message) me, once you have made a couple more posts.

I'm the daughter of Patricia and Wallace. Dad was Canadian and mum was English. She came to Canada in 1946 after the war. Four children, 7 Grandchildren and 2 great Grandchildren