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Wilmington, North Carolina
United States
I was doing research on peanuts grown on the plantation were I guide and research. Now I am searching court records in Boston, Mass. There has to be a case. Found fact: selling peanut oil in North Carolia for $1 a gallon same gallon selling in Boston for $10 as olive oil. So a boat trip turned peanut oil to olive oil:confused: This goes on for a number of years per oral stories, notes, letters, and logs. The peanut oil is in olive oil barrels. Who made the money. During this time frame the peanut oil is selling at $1 a gallon in open market. But the ship is not loading at main port, it is loading at a private dock. I wonder>:D All the names I have had good reps in comunity:eek:
Talk about a side road:biggrin:
Of course nothing changes, manipulation of the rules has been going on for centuries. Trouble is there are those in today's world think that Anti-Social Behaviour is a recent phenomena...........................presumably because they couldn't read the history books!!!