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Pennsylvania Deaths 1900-1910.


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Does anyone on here have deaths for Pennsylvania State from 1900 to 1910 please? I am after the death of my ancestor Thomas Musgrave. If he was 72 in the 1900 US census and is not on the April 1910 US census I believe that he died inbetween those two dates and as I mentioned on other threads he was in North Fayette Township in County Allegheny, PA, USA in the 1900 census which was taken on June 2nd 1900.

Hi Lirio

Yes I am still looking for his death inbetween Jun 1900 and April 1910. Is there a way you can help then, if so I would be very grateful.

Found public family tree--with usual caveats but this one seems well sourced.
b. in Dec 1827 parents Thomas Musgrave and Jane Sewell. lived in Darlington, Durham, in 1851 was living in St. Helen Aukland. He married Ann Stewart, by 1871 they were living in Coundon. Ann died in Dec 1886. Thomas emigrated to America with his youngest daughter, arriving in Sept 1886. The 1890 census is missing, so nothing is certain but the person who built this tree says he was probably living with his daughter Elizabeth Sutherland by then. Thomas actually went back to England but returned to America by 1892, that return is registered in the immigration records.

This tree was written by a direct descendant of Thomas Musgrave. He doesn't have an actual death date either. I did look at the Pennsylvania state archives and the process for getting a death certificate is a bit confused, which is why he probably doesn't have it either. I can look again if you like.

There are more details in the public note this person has written, if this is your Thomas Musgrave I can give you more.


I think that is actually the info I submitted to my tree on Anc but thanks anyway and also if you could assist in looking fora death.

I think he may have died before 1 January 1906 which is when PA deaths started to be registered. Before that it was probably noted locally on a newspaper, burial or even local county registers. I think I did check the indexes of PA deaths 1906 onwards and not found a record.

It does look like Thomas died inbetween June 1900 and December 1905 in that case. If you could assist in this then it may help track down a death.

His daughter Elizabeth Sutherland died in 1911 in McDonald, PA I think. You never know, sometimes deaths of parents are mentioned in death certs of people in America.

HA! I didn't connect the owner email with your post. He does appear in the 1891 UK census, by the way.

I ran through the indices from the website too, didn't see his name. Have you tried the library where any earlier records were deposited? Do you happen to know what religion he was? Individual counties within states often have their own records online, including individual churches/churchyards (they don't always appear on Anc).

Death certificates/records of that period are a bit more problematical. I have some from a neighboring state, for instance, that consist of one line entries in a ledger. Name, date of death, cause of death and father's name (if known) is all that is recorded. The formal certificates of a little later period will ask for the parents' names and birthplaces but are not required, and dates for them are not asked for. Some I have simply say parents are unknown.

His daughter lived in another county when she died; it's snowing (again :eek:) here so I have some time to poke around websites for Washington County, he might have moved with her. Allegheny County didn't have anything that I could find.