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People needing Genealogy Help

London Ontario
Hi My name is Pat Carson I can look up information on people in Canada if You will send me an email with details that you know I will try to locate them or at least find where they are buried.
Please email me the following:
Birth name
Date of Birth
Marriage date and name of wife/husband if known
Death location and where if possible.

Have information cemeteries in London Ontario willing to look them up for you as well.

Happy hunting. I love puzzles send me one ok. Pat
croydon.greater london
hello.. i got one for you..lol am looking for my great aunt, she is emma marion mortimer born 1888 bandon hill croydon surrey england. emma 1st went to canada 5th july 1920. on the vessel "metagama" she went as a domestic to the post office at MONTMATRE,SASK/SHE ARRIVES IN QUEBEC. not sure how she travelled on ,think by railway. not sure at all as i'm unfamiliar with transport availible at that time.on the passenger record it says "smiths card" to mr browning,sask. again i presume that was the party she was travelling with. also says miss mackies/blackies party.so she was travelling to be a domestic house person. (transport says travelled inland of C.P. (cathay pacific?) roll T-14706.on the passenger list says steerage -visitors(protestant)she left liverpool. have since found out she paid 10 pounds for fare.2nd time to canada june 23rd 1928 emma left southampton 16th june 1928 and arrived 23rd june 1928 on the SS EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND age 39(age i'm not sure about as it says she was 40. i think she was 42..) tourist 3rd class. she was going to a mr.edwards at COTHAM nr dubuc ,sask.(says she was going to a cousin) must have been a cousin of the people she was working with before as a housekeeper) as theres no edwards in our family.(t-14744 roll)emma was still a MORTIMER in 1928. so am looking for a marriage for her. so the story goes in our family, her husband was a scrooge and wouldn't allow her home in 1937 for her mothers funeral. my grandad used to write to emma in the late 1940's and early 1950's.but no one can remember her married name or,if she did get married. which is where i'm asking for your help.will be grateful for anything you can find. would love to know if she married and where she buried.? she was also in broadview ,sask.have asked the people there but their records got burnt in a fire,so i am stuck...:'( yours hopefully wendy (moggie57)

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