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People who spoil good findings/cynics.


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We have had a thread about stroppy archivists but here is a new thread about people who niggle away at other peoples family tree successes.

I suppose you lot have had this as well. Most people agree with other peoples success stories but it is panicking and irritating when some cynical person throws a spanner in your genealogy works by picking holes in your evidence and findings.

They say things like "if that is the case, then why was his name not on the birth cert", or things like that. They even make up things to win the argument such as "that infectious illness would have increased sexual activity". I have never ever heard any link between contageous diseases and increased sexual appetitie. They would have felt like rubbish and be a virtual zombie. Even on the virtually zero possibility of increased libido, the spouse still wouldnt be able to do it as they would be ridiculed with germs, infections and all sorts. The hubby or wife would have had to keep away from them at all costs, no matter what.

I think the odd person is jealous of other peoples successes. Sometimes a success story involves a skeleton in the cupboard like someone having an affair while their wife was dying and producing a baby with the future wife and other people dont want to believe such things which happened all the time when a spouse was dying or seriously ill.

Rant over, most people do agree with others successes but you will always get someone who will niggle away. Its best to ignore them and accept that their arguments are illogical.

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