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perkins look up

hi to anyone who can help,im trying to find a phillip perkins in 1891 and his wife in 1901,he was born abt 1855 in dudley his mom and dad were thomas and phebe and he married a sarah bayliss in 1875,he sort of disappears off the map around this time sdo he may have changed his name,i think he died in 1894 but if you can help with these census that would be great hope you can help
Hi :) Just to help with search here's 1861
Coppice,Tipton Staffs.
father Thomas bn Shrops 30, mother Phebe 30, Phillip 5, John 2 all born Dudley Worcs.
1871 still in Staffs, Sedgley, Lower Gornal
Philip as spelt is 16 a scholar, more siblings.

The 1875 marriage took place in Dudley.

Is this Thomas in 1881 bn Dudley 26 coal miner living in Dudley
Sarah 22 bn Oldbury, Mary J baby.
If it's the same Thomas, his wife would have been very young when they married and 5 years before 1st child???
Possibly not your Thos Perkins?

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Hi Jayne
There's something funny here possibly
I can see the marriage between Philip and Sarah Bayliss, and no other.
I can see Philip in 1871, 16 son of an Engineer
It looks as if he then marries Elizabeth and is a Pit Sinker, not just a common miner, more of an engineer!, They are on the 1881 and 1891 census but they both then disappear as you say do Philip and Sarah.
Needs a lot more work, so any other bits of info which may help would be welcome

The Thomas/Sarah I found in 1881 are alive and well in 1901 with Mary J and other kiddies.
Something isn't right here.
As I said I think I had the wrong Philip??
If Philip died in 1894 it was in Cannock Staffs (see where his family where in census) aged 42yrs.
So, we need to find him living in Staffs in census yes?

ozn :)
Hi Jayne
I think I;ve stumbled accross them
David Bayliss 48 Widow Tipton Cordwainer
Sarah Perkins 22 Dau Mar Sedgley Packer in Screw factory
Joseph Perkins 4 Sedgley

Sarah Bayless 38 Wid Sedgley Screw Wormer
Joseph 16 Sedgley, Coal Miner
Benjamin 9 Sedgley
Alfred 6 Sedgley
Samuel 1 Sedgley

Sarah Perkins 46 Wid. Sedgley, Screw Wormer
Benjamin 20 Sedgley Coal Miner
Alfred 15 Sedgley Coal Loader
Samuel 11 Sedgley
David 4 Sedgley (if Sarah was widow in 1891 where's he come from?)

David Baylies 40, Eliz 42, David 18, James 17, Phebe 15, Samuel 13, Sarah 10

david Bayliss 31, Eliz 34, David 10, James 8, Phebe 5, Samuel 3, Sarah 10m, William 74

as usual ages are a bit up and down, but I think Sarah's occupation clinches it
let me know if you can't find the census returns

EDIT 2 There are a few questions
1 - Why did Sarah use her married name in 1881, her maiden name in 1891 and say she was a Widow, and then revert to her married name in 1901
2 - If Philip died 1894 who's child is David
3 - Where is Philip in 1881 and 1891, he is obviously around bearing in mind the children born.
4 - Is he playing away and living with Elizabeth. I can't find a marriage between Philip and Elizabeth but they are together in 1881 and 1891. I can't find them after this, nor can I find another Philip born 1855
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hi dave this is whats been getting to me in 1891 he seems to be with elizabeth but sarah as other children in the years that hes with elizabeth and like yu say why does she use bayliss and then perkins,i keep thinking that perhaps she was annoyed with him for leaving her so she went back to her maiden name then when he came back obviously slept together and she had other children she went back to perkins,if so she must have loved him,but like you everting seems to tally up to this idea