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Peter Hall 1804 - 1884: Chimney Sweep & Reformer

My 3rd great grandfather, Peter Hall, was born in Stockport in 1804.

At the age of 6 years, he was sold to a chimney sweep and spent his early years being a "climbing boy", sleeping on a bag of soot in the cellar of his owner.
He eventually started his own chimney sweep business and in 1826 he was involved in a disaster at the Turkey Paper Mill in Goose Eye in the West Riding of Yorkshire.
A 14 year old boy was suffocated in the mill chimney during its cleaning.
Overnight he became a reformer and was appointed an agent for several associations for the suppression of climbing boys.
He gave extensive evidence to the Royal Commission on Children's Employment in 1862 and 1866.
After retiring, he is found living at 66 Wellington Road, Heaton Norris.
His burial is recorded at Christ Church in Heaton Norris and is no. 54 in the Burial Recoded dated 21 March 1884.

I would appreciate any information you may have on Peter Hall, especially a photograph of his grave at Christ Church.
I understand that Christ Church is now redundant and in a bad state of repair and generally closed to the public.
However, I was wondering whether the local Family History Society may have a photographic record of the graves or temporary access?

All help greatly appreciated


Thanks for the information.
I will make contact with the group and see if they can help.
I,m doubtful but you never know :)
So sad to see this beautiful left in such a state.
Old photos show that it was quite a sight.

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