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Philimore's marriage indexes How sourced?

I've just spent a fruitless time at the archive trying to get some more details of a marriage at Rotherham Church. I have seen on microfiche the details but it says very little different from what I had already and less than one online source which says the groom is a widower. When I looked up the source it was from Phillimore so where did Phillimore copy his records from as he seems to have more details than the actually parish register?
Hi Duckweed
William Phillimore ( Stiff) was a lawyer who decided to transcribe as many parish records as he could find.

You can see his book in most reference libraries. It is not complete . He took what he could from the original parish registers and transcribed as many as he could.

Boyd's Marriage Index is older than William but on the same line.
Does that answer the question ?
No because now I'm puzzled as to how he could have an extra detail than I found on the photocopied version I saw I wondered if he took it from Bishops transcripts and possibly the banns were there too with more detail?
Hi Duckweed
I am sure that he would have found the same parish records, Bishop's Transcripts etc. that we used to be able to look at not all that long ago,in the good old days before the Internet and CD's.

I can remember seeing the original PR's and then marvelling at microfiche ! We have come such a long way even in the last 10 - 15 yrs.

It is time to remember as you have mentioned in other threads, that we have to take one step at a time to prove we have the right person. The Whiteway thread in this instance that I have been trying to piece and just knew that something was wrong with the original one that I had found. I was lucky that a friend had seen the will which mentioned his son in Greenwich and it was the other William Whiteway that I had also found but had to prove it and she was able to help me prove that link.

There is a site www.parishregister.org that will tell you more about William Phillimore