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Philip & Ann WATERS


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HO107 Piece 1761 Folio 455 Page 2
Civil Parish: Weston Colville
County: Cambridge
Registration District: Linton
Sub-RD: Duxford
Address: Weston Green
Philip Waters head age 52 occ ag. lab b. Weston
Ann wife age 52 b. Weston

Mary dau age 10

Assisted immigrants arriving at Moreton Bay-Brisbane, 1848-59
GILBY William 27 and family 'Genghis Khan' Aug 1854 2137, 2466
GILBY Maria 28 and family
GILBY William 8 and family
GILBY Frederick 3 and family

Reel 2466 Arrived 18 Aug 1854
William 27 Lab Cambridge Thos. and Anne mother in Cam. Primitive Methodist No None Good None
Maria 28 - Cambridge Philip and Ann Waters mother in Cam. Primitive Methodist Read

According to the info in the shipping record Philip had died by Aug 1854 but I can't find it 1851-1855 in FreeBMD. Ann may or may not have died by 1861. This is a possible:

Deaths Sep 1863
WATERS Ann Linton 3b 355


Hiya Dave
There's a tree in Anx which has Philip's death 11.8.1865 Cambridge born
March 1800 Fulbourn Cambs. Married Anne Missen Fulbourn All Saints, 10.11.1821.
Maria is listed as one of his children, died in Aust 1909.
1861 in Weston Colville, Philip 62 agr labr, Ann 62, Mary 20, gdghtr Esther 8yrs.

Hello Ozn,

Thanks. Some of that is correct. Maybe even all. :biggrin:

Marriage 10 Nov 1821 Weston Colville, Cambridge

Maria died 3 Jan 1909 in Queensland.

I viewed the shipping record on film today and it was clear enough to read without me adding transcription errors and it only had mother living in Cam.

This would be it then:

Deaths Sep 1865
Waters Philip Linton 3B 335
looks like Philip still alive in 1861, Dave

Waters Philip 62 Head Agricultural Labourer Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire RG9/1030/F? CD2 R9_1030.pdf p.145
Waters Ann 62 Wife Weston Colville, Cambridgeshire RG9/1030/F? CD2 R9_1030.pdf p.145
Waters Mary 20 Daughter Weston Colville, Cambridgeshire RG9/1030/F? CD2 R9_1030.pdf p.145
Waters Esther 8 Grand Daughter Scholar Weston Colville, Cambridgeshire RG9/1030/F? CD2 R9_1030.pdf p.145
Thanks Barbara.

Sometimes it says 'both dead' other times 'living at...' and this time clearly 'mother in Cam.'

For William it had 'Thos. and Anne mother in Cam.' and that is correct:

Before they left:

Deaths Jun 1853
Gilbey Thomas Linton 3b 35[35]

After they left:

Deaths Mar 1855
Gilby Ann Linton 3b 420

Parish Records
Buried 04/02/1855 in Weston Colville as Ann aged 66.