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Phipps Brewery, Northampton.

Steve, as you know I am a man of temperance, my knowledge of breweries is somewhat limited!!:biggrin::biggrin: Playing rugby in the area of Phipps, I found out that many rued the day Watney's took it over - there again, I recall someone saying that Watney's was only fit to give to the opposition!!:biggrin: On a journey back from Stoneygate, Leicestershire to Wellingborough, the three beers quaffed were Ruddles County; Everards and Marston Pedigree. I wrote a list of all the breweries whose beer I might have drank over the years (at least those I can remember) and there was quite a few.:biggrin::biggrin:
Thanks for the info, I like history but this one is building a thirst, so if I have to have a pint, it is your fault I'm being tempted!!:2fun::2fun::2fun: