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Photo search - Robert Wood Portsmouth UK

Mount Gambier
Hi everyone,
I’m writing to you from Mount Gambier in South Australia.
My husband has inherited his Great Grandfathers Navy medals, his name was Robert Wood and lived in Portsmouth his entire life.

We started doing his family tree, in the hopes that we could find a photo of Robert. You see we have had the medals re-mounted and would love to have a photo of Robert with the medals put into a frame for generations to come.

We have also been able to obtain his Navy service history from the National Archives.

We have found he was born in 1875 and died In 1945, married twice, once to Maud Trew and then in 1904 he married Emily Lucy Rose Canning (also known as Emily LR Vine, Rose Jackman and finally known as Rose Wood). She had 3 children from her previous marriage; Helen Emily Jackman, Robert Charlie Jackman and Rose Jackman.
Robert had 2 son’s; Arthur Wood and Charlie Wood
Together they had 2 children; Leonard George Wood and Ivy Wood
Leonard is my husband’s Grandfather and he passed away here in Australia in 1991
We believe there would still be descendants in Portsmouth, some of which just might be able to help us with photo’s as we have drawn a blank.

I am on ancestory.com so have got all available records, and it wasn't too hard getting information on past generations, its the new generations that might have some photo's that I cannot get.

I have contacted Portsmouth newspaper in the hope we can put an ad in or something, as we do not know who the decendants might be in Portsmouth.

Any other suggestions?

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