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"Pick your brains?"

Colne Lancs
Hi, does anyone have any information or knowledge of a site offering to host family trees called Tribalpages, or of a p.c. prog offered for sale called Genopro. I am looking for a method or place to build my tree on/in and am considering these. Would appreciate any comments. Thanks in anticipation

I have not used tribalpages myself but one of my wife's relatives as a site and has given us access. They appear to get on fine with it. I would have a PC programme as well wouldn't want to risk loss for some reason.

I would be very careful of adding any family details to many of these free sites as once the information is uploaded - you transfer any rights to that information to them.

I did this some years ago on some very big sites and found later I could not close my account (which I did stop using). They continued to allow other people to pay a subscription to see my own family information.

As far as I know my family information is still there (and they still charge) and they will not remove it (even threatened solicitors!!). These are the very big sites we all know;)

So beware folks!!

Best way is to have your own site - You control and totally own the information - as it should be :)

look here if you want you own site

All the best,
Thanks for that admin. I had started to enter my details on tribal pages but after reading your comments I have revisited the site and removed my details (which I managed to do successfully) I looked at your reccomendation but I'm afraid financial contraints mean I can't commit to the monthly outgoings at this time. Thats why I was looking at the free sites. Thanks again.