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Place Names


Loyal Member
swindon wilts
As a nomad(lorry driver) one of the perks of the job,come to think of it the only perk is visiting places and people of interest,in particular i feel the peek district is abit of an unknown jewell,anyway i digress and i am fascinated by place names.
Alot of places are named after rivers and many major towns and cities started as small dwellings near the obviously important river..obvious ones being Cambridge after the River Cam,and Taunton formerly Toneton named after the River Tone.
Did you know that dwellings were named Ham Duns in very old times and over the years the dialect changed so instead of South Ham Dun you got Southampton and Nothampton..any place name with Ponty at the begining like Pontypridd,Pontypool etc meant bridge....interestingly Pontefract literally means in old gallic Fractured Bridge..in old times the bridge over a river was a focal point and very important,so whenever you cross an old bridge ware ever you are rest assured its full of past history...many a fortune was made by a brave person building a bridge then charging locals and travellers to cross it.
So finally to Swindon ware i grew up...originally Swine don...meaning pigs on the hill!

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