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Playle Family help...

Im new to this as of 1 minute ago, so if I am posting in the wrong area, please let me know.

I need help looking up members of my mother's family whose names are Playle. Her father was called Edward PLayle and her mother is Eugene Trenawath Fairfield (she is 80 this year). Edward is sadly now deceased and Eugene is in a home. I don't know when Edward died, but my mum was in her teens, so a guessimate would be around 1973ish.... Since writing this I have been told he died aged 57/58 in 1973...

My mum has 2 brothers and a sister - Terence (deceased) and Anthony (no idea where he is) and her sister Jeanette (deceased). All born in and around the Grimsby area.

I am hoping someone else will be researching this side of the family who can help me fill in the gaps of information that I have.

I know my nan has a brother called Bill (William) who is still alive and lives in the Cleethorpes area, he is also a Fairfield, however their parents were unmarried and mother's maiden name is Mercer (we think).

Edward - as far as I know had 3 or 4 siblings who go by the name of Lucy, James and Charles and possibly Gordon but again we are not too sure because we know nothing about them.

If anyone has any information or can help me then please, please let me know, i know it is all fairly recent information, but that is because my mum is really the only surviving person with limited information...

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