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Please add me as a newbie


Grand Bend, Ontario
Maintained an interest, off and on, researching my roots. Most all my ancestors I've been able to trace and document, date back to 1800s England.

It's gratifying when missing pieces of the puzzle are found.

Today discovered that my grandfather served in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces in WWI. Always knew four of uncles were in that war, but hadn't been aware that my grandfather was also there. I did know he fought in the Boer War, but wasn't knowledgeable about which country he served. His attestation papers revealed the regiment in which he served and possibly the date?

I look forward to possibly helping other members of this board and also being assisted in my search.

It's starting to get cold where I live as winter approaches. It's exciting to live where Mother Nature proves major changes in seasons which provides a kaleidoscope of different landscapes.

Hi Sylvia and welcome to the FHUK forums,
You will find everyone on here friendly and helpful, we are more like a family in every respect.
All you need to do is post your queries, along with as much information that you do have, in the appropriate forums, and our dedicated researchers will do their best to find those answers for you.
It's gratifying when missing pieces of the puzzle are found
it is indeed, it makes it all worth while.
I look forward to possibly helping other members of this board and also being assisted in my search.
your offer of help is greatly appreciated and welcomed as this is what the FHUK stands for.
We hope you enjoy our forums, and we wish you continued success in your research.
Best regards StericoO0 helpusall

Welcome to the forums as well.

I am glad that you have had a success story with your grandfather. Yes it is gratifying when you find something out in your family tree.

I'm feeling embarrassed at the moment and/or suspect that I've lost my marbles. I know I posted to one of the military forums giving information about my grandfather and seeking assistance to find his Boer War military records. I checked several other forums looking for it, but it's completely vanished as if I were fantasizing that I posted and in reality just thought I'd did... which took me back to remembering the closing episode from the 1980s TV soap opera, "Dallas," when JR was shot. The show, in case any of you watched it, kept viewers in suspense until the fall when it was announced no-one shot JR. The episode was televised repeatedly with a variety of JR's enemies dreaming they'd shot him!

Losing my post two days ago was just as implausible as that story line from Dallas. I've been very reluctant to post it again...knowing I'd look like a fool if my original bubbled up from the cyber space, black hole it fell into! :)


"Lord Love a Duck!" My post showed up where I put it, in Other Military Ancestry. thread started by izabel who struck me as extremely knowledgeable. What a relief...thought I'd gone bananas! Guess with a five-hour time delay between England and Canada, I'll just have to monitor my patience level concerning 'when' posts become public. Seems to me they go through a moderator before becoming visible?

I'm too lazy to erase what I've just posted and know that one day I'll laugh about this fiasco. Perhaps some of you other newbies had similar experiences???
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