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Please can you help -Hinde 1911 Manchester & Prestwich


Hello Everyone,
I hope that you can help me.

I would like to try to fill in the missing links on my HINDE Manchester ancestry.
HINDE was not a very common name in Manchester in 1901.
Could some kind soul please advise me the Household details of HINDE families in Manchester and Prestwich North Manchester.including Harpurhey and Gorton please.

All help greatly appreciated.
Thank You

I have just joined the FH Community
Hi Jolson and welcome.

I think you are looking for someone after 1901. But some names and d.o.b would help a bit.
There appears to be quite a few, even though the name is not that common.
And they also seem to be scattered a bit further affield than Manchester, even though they appear to be born there.

Hi p.risboy,

Thank you for your reply.

There is a william & sarah hinde Husband & wife & family.William was born 1851 Manchester.Bricklayer
Charles Hinde Bricklayer Born 1849 in Manchester,wife Elizabeth & family

Jeffrey Hinde Bricklayer born 1857 Manchester

Christopher Hinde born 1887 Manchester
Alfred Hinde born 1880 Manchester
George Hinde born 1871 was a farrier before joining Army.
William Hinde born 1885 Manchester
Ann or Annie Hinde born 1870 Manchester

These are the key families please

Thank you

William & Sarah:
RG14PN24188 RG78PN1388 RD467 SD1 ED18 SN119

HINDE, William Head Married M 59 1852 Bricklayer Manchester Lancs
HINDE, Sarah Wife Married F 49 1862 Clay Cross Derbyshire
HINDE, John Thomas Son Married M 23 1888 Bricklayer Manchester Lancs
HINDE, Florence Daughter - In - Law Married F 21 1890 Macclesfield Ches
HINDE, Leah Eltry Daughter Single F 21 1890 Machinist Manchester Lancs
BURGESS, George Son - In - Law Married M 26 1885 Engineers Fitter Manchester Lancs
BURGESS, Susannah Daughter Married F 25 1886 Machinist Manchester Lancs
BURGESS, Phoebe Granddaughter Single F 4 1907
BURGESS, William Frederick Grandson Single M 2 1909

RG number:RG14
Reference:RG14PN24188 RG78PN1388 RD467 SD1 ED18 SN119

Registration District:prestwich
Sub District:Cheetham
Enumeration District:18
Parish:North Manchester

60 Smedley Lane Manchester

HINDE, Charles Head Widower M 61 1850 Bricklayer Lanc Manchester
HINDE, George Son Single M 39 1872 Farmer Manchester
HINDE, Ruth Daughter F 28 1883 Embroiderer Manchester
HINDE, William Son M 26 1885 Coal Carrier Manchester
HINDE, Esther Daughter F 24 1887 Jelly Packer Manchester

RG number:
RG14 Piece:
24168 Reference:
RG14PN24168 RG78PN1387 RD466 SD3 ED35 SN103

Registration District:Manchester
Sub District:St George
Enumeration District:35
Address:39 Park View Queen's Park Manchester County:

HINDE, Jeffrey Head Married M 54 1857 Bricklayer Manchester Lanc
HINDE, Helen Wife Married 35 years F 54 1857 Manchester Lanc

RG number:RG14
Reference:RG14PN24277 RG78PN1392 RD467 SD5 ED24 SN292

Registration District:prestwich
Sub District:Newton Heath
Enumeration District:24
Parish:North Manchester
Address:37 Richmond St Newton Heath

That's the first lot, I'll have a go at the others next!

HINDE, Alfred Head Married M 31 1880 Assurance Agent Lancaster Manchester
HINDE, Emily Wife Married1 years F 27 1884 Lincoln Lincolnshire
HINDE, Enid Daughter F 0 (9 MONTHS) 1911 Lanncaster Manchester
HOLLIS, Sarah Ann Mother In Law Widow F 69 1842 Lincolnshire Spalding

RG number:RG14
Reference:RG14PN24245 RG78PN1391 RD467 SD4 ED13 SN206

Registration District:prestwich
Sub District:Failsworth
Enumeration District:13
Parish:North Manchester

Address:6 Edale Avenue Moston County:Lancashire

Was Ann/ie her maiden name or her married name?

Hi Chris-Thank you for your lookups -much appreciated.

With regard to Ann Hinde/Annie Hinde-can I come back to you later this evening.
I'm going out shortly-back after 10.00 p.m.

george hinde b 1871 served 30 days in the Manchester regiment before being discharged due to being unlikely to become an efficient soldier.Seems he suffered from epilepsy.