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please dont all shout at me

sue ault

Well-known member
I dont know if I have mentioned this but I have sent of my fathers birth, marriage and death certificate. I have also sent of my birth to prove I am one of three of his next of kins.
I am ever hopeful of obtaining my fathers army records from the 2 nd world war. I have sent the appropiate form all filled in correctly, plus the said £ 39.

The bit that confuses me is that it could take 6-12 months for me to recieve if at all. Now this is where I ask you all not to go off at me and yes I know people are busy, but a year busy. i also understand the MOD search for more upto date records for families, but I keep thinking about all the certificates that are ordered. I only wait a week possibly. If the MOD had said 6 weeks or possibly 8 weeks maybe I would understand, but 6months and possibly a year.

dont all go off at me and start shouting but I am thinking all those Military personel that are about to be made redundant and loose their jobs, maybe if it was staff at the MOD instead the year wait would be well worth while just for those coming home from conflict not to loose thier jobs.

Am I making myself clear at all or are you all going to shout at me.

Sue x :confused:

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