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Please Help me find Elizabeth Gillespie formerly Loughlin Belfast 1950/1960

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Hello, I am looking for information on Elizabeth Gillespie formerly Loughlin from Belfast 2 known addresses for Elizabeth were:

York Street, Belfast
20 Mileriver Street, Belfast

Also looking for a John Gillespie from Prospect Drive, Ashgill, Lanarkshire 1950's.

Elizabeth Loughlin left Belfast in the 1950's and moved to Prospect Drive, Ashgill, Lanarkshire where she met and married Mr John Gillespie and had 3 children. 1 male and 2 females possibly twins.
Returning back to Belfast as Elizabeth Gillespie. Last known address was at the Sancta Maria Hostel, 100 Cliftonville Road, Belfast on 31st October 1977. Any information on the above would be so greatly received. Many thanks
Not open for further replies.