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**** Please read! We are launching a new website and forum

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Hi everyone! :)

We are very close (within 24 hours) of launching our new update website and forums. We have updated the old tired site, and will be updating new content weekly.

These forums will be updated along with it too, the new forums have been improved with new technology, giving you all a much better experience.

The Wanted Names, Brickwall system is being updated and will be launched early next year.

From tomorrow morning (GMT 09:00) the updates will be processed, the entire familyhistory.uk.com site, forums will be put in maintenance mode while we update the whole server.

Please bare with us, we should be back live within 24 hours, hopefully a lot less.

Many thanks for your on-going support.

Thank you,

Family History UK

Is there any way I can set a default font and font size rather then having to change it each time I post to reply to or start a conversation?

I have a wide-screen monitor and I've had to hit ctrl+ three times to get the font on the site to a size I can read. Also I have huge blank spaces on the left and right of the screen.

Thanks Geoff.

The old 'Quote' is now 'Reply' so could that please be changed to 'Quote Reply' ?


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Could the census be moved from being sub-forums please? It's good to be able to see the name of the last poster, etc...

I've done the same Steve, 125%

I was going to ask but there is a link back to the main Forums page at the bottom of the page.

How can I change my signature?

How can I change font and colour and size of ancestor names list?


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