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Poems that have been passed down the generations


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I have a poem that I vaguely remembered my Grandmother reciting to us when we were little. We used to beg her recite it over an over again. It was passed down word of mouth by her Mother etc. My Mother remembered some of it, but I "googled" it and found it recently.

Does anyone else have childhood poems to share. I'm always looking for a new repertoire of things to recite to my Granddaughters.

Here's mine:

Flo’s Letter
A sweet little baby brother
has come to live with Flo
She wanted him brought to the table
So he could eat and grow
You must wait for a while, said grandma
In answer to her plea
For a dear little thing that has no teeth
Can't eat like you and me
Why hasn't he got teeth grandma?
Asked Flo in great surprise
Oh my, but isn't it funny
No teeth but nose and eyes
That afternoon to a corner
With paper pen and ink
Went Flo saying
Don't talk to me
Or you'll disturb my think
I'm writing a letter grandma
And it's got to go tonight
And because it's very important
I want to get it right
At last, the letter was finished, a beautiful sight to see
Directed up to Heaven, then Flo read it to me:
Dear God,
The baby you sent us is very nice and sweet,
but because you forgot his toofies
the poor little thing can't eat.
That's why I'm writing this letter,
on purpose to let you know,
please come and finish our baby
That's all, from little Flo

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