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Polish records.


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Hi guys, need some help with a Polish man. Pawel Skrzypczyk
From the information I have he came to the UK during WW2, the first sighting I have of him is the birth of his son in 1950, Birmingham. He next appears in 1953 when he marry's in Chelmsford, Essex to the same mother of his son, she die's in 2002.
Can't find a death for him.
He changed his name some time between 1950 and 1953 to Paul Stuart, his marriage registration in both names.
There are some Polish records on Anc. that maybe him bit I've only got a UK sub.
Any help appreciated. Thanks.
This is from his son's marriage cert. sorry for the poor image.
Can't quite make out his middle name or profession, maybe Anthony as he had another son with that name.Stuart marriage A.jpg
Pawel is Paul in english not sure about surname of Skrzypczyk in english tho.
Yes he changed it to Paul and his surname to Stuart. Think I may of found his death, need to get the cert to confirm.
Paul Anthony Stuart
Death Age: 71
Birth Date: 7 Jan 1911