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Portrait Painter


Whilst researching family history, I came across two generations of portrait painters - early nineteenth century. Got quite excited as they were father and son, both had same name - Thomas Lawrence. Knew Thomas Lawrence was quite famous! Anyway, it seems it wasn't the famous one! Think portrait painters might have been the forerunners of photographers today - anyone any ideas? My Thomas Lawrence(s) lived in Edinburgh around 1800 - 1850.
Hi Smeni

I also came across an ancestor who was listed as a painter,but unfortunately he was also a glazier.Not quite the same status but did make a change from agricultural labourer!

I still live in hope of finding I'm related to someone famous,you never know.

Hello smeni,

Have just come across your query! There's a portrait painter in my family too; he was a Colour Portrait Photographer or Painter which meant he took Portrait Photos of folk and hand-coloured the photos. What a non-stop job that would be today! My chap (greatgrandad) had a Photographic Studio in High Wycombe and is proving to be quite a tangled mystery!

gemmas' pal