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Postage rip off.


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Hi folks, just going to have a whinge.:rolleyes:

Had a cup of tea this morning, and as usual I drained the cup. Horrors upon horrors........I got a load of 'fur' from the kettle.
After investigating the problem, I pulled out the little plastic filter that strains the rubbish from the water, and the filter was degraded and broken.

So I checked online at Amazon for a replacement......£13.75 plus £2,35 postage.

So I tried the manufacturer of the kettle, and was put through to the spares dept.
'Oh sorry, we have none in stock, and it will be 12 days before we can dispatch it.'......I was politely informed.
'That will be £3.95 for the part, and postage is free'......she said.

'I live in Ireland', I told her.

'Oh, that will be £3 postage',...she replied.

'I live in Southern Ireland'....I said.

'Oh, in that case it will be a further £5'........she replied.

'£8 postage for a part that weighs 6.4 grammes'.........'you're having a laugh'......I said. 'No thanks'......and hung up.

I poodled into the nearest town to me, and on the off chance I went into the local hardware shop. '€5.95c......and I'll have it in next week.'

In the mean time, I bought a plastic tea strainer for 75c.;):2fun:

Now where's the tea bags.:2fun:

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