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Postcards and eBay


New member
Hi, I was trying to find an email address to ask my question but couldn't, so will do so here.
I am not researching my own family tree, however, I collect postcards and also buy and sell them on eBay. I am not a business but buy large collections of postcards looking for what interests me and then sell the remainder on.
I often see postcards with unusual names on them, sometimes with messages that I know might be useful - e.g. congratulating someone on an engagement or birthday and of course we see an address and a date from the stamp.
So my question is, can I post messages on your forum or reply to messages saying I have a particular card? If so, can I include a link to my eBay listing, which will have the photo on it? I did read the rules but do not consider myself a business and don;t want to upset anyone.
Best wishes and a Happy New Year to you.
Bob Ridge-Stearn
The short answer is................You can only post names and addresses, and messages on the cards, but not of potentially living people. Nor can you directly, or indirectly sell via this web site.
So no links to eebay I'm afraid, as that would be selling as a business, although not for profit or gain.